Sire Secret

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  • Fürst Heinrich
  • Dressurbetont
  • Stute
  • Dunkelfuchs
  • Westfale
  • 13.03.2021
  • Arnsberg
  • Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • XL (bis zu 10.000 €)
  • 24686
  • 22.03.2021


This dressage youngster is a typey and modern filly in a gorgeous color, an eye catcher with great charisma and good foundation. She shows expressive movements, all three gaits are characterized by a very good start, much momentum and space grip! Her character is very lovable and open, people-oriented and very docile. She grows up in a herd of foals, so she is well socialized. Her pedigree promises great dressage talent!