Sire Fidelity

  • Sir Oldenburg
  • Wettruf
  • Dressurbetont
  • Hengst
  • dunkelbraun
  • Deutsches Sportpferd
  • 02.05.2023
  • 14542 Werder
  • Brandenburg
  • L (bis zu 7.500 €)
  • 26833
  • 03.12.2023


An award-winning colt from this year is for sale. Father Fidelity from Fiderdance. Mother of Sir Oldenburg.

The foal is vaccinated and is regularly shown to the farrier. It knows the foal ABCs and trailer driving. It will reach a height of 170cm+.

You can get to know us at any time by telephone with Mr. Erich Schüler on 0172-3974728.

The foal is in 14542 Werder OT Töplitz.